Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Its been about a month since my last post.
Sorry about that. I have a couple reasons why.

 My mediafire getting suspended was a major reason for the slowing of posts. I have also not been listening to much new music, mostly stuff I'm very familiar with. So most submissions (until recently) have been ignored because of this. I have also been doing a blog about gaming and chiptune music. (anyone interested in reading that? Probably not)

So here is my plan for the future of The Big Dipster. Work mainly on posting from submissions, supplying new, free, independent music for the readers. For other music released on major labels I plan on writing small reviews for the albums. I will probably link you to another blog if you wish to download these albums. I do not want upload any major releases anymore.

I also have two major changes in mind.

The first of the two changes will be the name. I always refer the blog as The Dipster when I talk to people about it, so I'm dropping big from the name. Second, I will be changing locations (maybe Tumblr?) I don't like how blogger is set up anymore.

I plan on getting this all rolling soon and kinda starting fresh. Help is also appreciated. Send suggestions etc. to or just comment on this post. 

Thanks for reading everyone